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Our School

The UCCA trains you in the fundamental techniques, discipline and skills needed in a professional kitchen. Our ‘Total Chef’ training delivers a modern approach to chef development and is unique to us. Here are a few pointers to help make your decision to choose us an easy task: We pride ourselves on the caliber of chef instructors who are part of our faculty and also the professionals who come in as guest instructors from time to time. The UCCA is a culinary school which allows you pick your area of expertise while you are still in training. We focus on your choice to help you thrive on the right path by merging you with professionals in your chosen area through a mentorship program. The area of expertise ranges from Food Photography to Food Styling, Food Writing/Blogging, Catering, Private Chef and Executive Chef.

The Umami Center for Culinary Arts is accredited by the Lagos State Ministry of Education, which inspects the quality of our training, facilities and student welfare annually.

We source our produce locally from prestigious organic farms and local Purveyors. The UCCA ensures that everything used at the culinary school in terms of fresh produce is certified organic and fresh.

We extend our training to develop the full range of skills and qualities needed to be a professional chef in present times, from core cooking techniques to management, leadership skills and beyond.

Our Classes


1 Day Class


1 Week Class


1 Month Class


9 Months Professional Diploma

Our Instructors


Renee Chuks founded the Umami Center for culinary arts in 2018 after an exciting career in the hospitality industry in Nigeria, which came promptly after she obtained her Diploma in Culinary Arts from the Prestigious Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Austin Texas in 2011.

Her time at Le Cordon Bleu College for Culinary Arts, not only fostered her love for the profession and taught her well, but it also opened the door for her passion which is to make sure that there is an equal playing ground for young Nigerians to thrive in the hospitality industry here, which is presently dominated by foreigners. She is creating an atmosphere where students can learn creatively the proper ethics, techniques and life hacks to becoming and surviving as a professional chef in the industry. Also, to help all students who pass through the school cook with Love.

She is Academic Director and Chef instructor at Umami Center For Culinary Arts.

Seun Kowosi

Seun Kowosi, Preferably called Chef Seun.

His culinary journey started after NYSC, in 2014 at Chef Fregz’ as an intern and a personal assistant. In less than a year, his passion for food grew immensely and the drive to learn more led him to culinary school in 2015.

He graduated with a diploma in culinary arts, from Culinary Academy, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, but his enthusiasm and hunger for culinary mastery led him to gain experience from Chef Tiyan Alile, Chef Emeka, Chef Sia, Chef Niyi Williams, Chef Coco (RSA), Chef Ruben (RSA), Chef Babareme, Chef Michael Elegbede, Chef Alex, Chef Benedict and Chef Renee Chuks.

He is Assistant Academic Director and Chef Instructor at the Umami Center for Culinary Arts. He is passionate about sharing knowledge and he believes that “the best way to manifest your dreams is by aligning your dreams with others, who are hungry to manifest theirs”.

Our Services


Our full kitchen studio is available for full day and half day rentals for commercial television production and photography.


The Kitchen studio plays host to bridal showers, baby showers,private intimate dinners or experiential events with a maximum dining capacity of 25 persons. We are the perfect place on the mainland axis for that different feel for your private intimate events.

Our Purveyors

As a fervent believer in the farm-to-table culture which has eroded standard practice in today’s industry, UCCA ensures all supplies are 100% fresh and vendors check out in our quality box.

The Cook Agency

The Cook Agency by Umami, provides domestic cooks to corporate and private clients. Our main priority is to ensure that the skills, experience and personality of domestic kitchen staff matches the expectations of our clients, tailored to clients’ needs with independent third party background checks as well as periodic training.

In need of a cook? Download the form, fill and send to

Contact Us


7 kafi street, off Obafemi Awolowo way, Alausa, ikeja. (Beside Ikeja City Mall)


Tel: +2349084777796


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1 day class

Our one day classes are done in a more fun and relaxed atmosphere we teach recipes and techniques. It would usually be a particular technique or cuisine from different parts of the world and cooked in the most relaxed atmosphere. We highly recommend this for group or coupling bookings. We have 1 every month for now, and we release information about it at the beginning of every month.

Book Now

To reserve your place, kindly fill the form below:

1 week class

Our 1 week classes are the very beginning of a journey in the culinary arts. We highlight some of the classic techniques of cooking which helps you be better, more creative in the kitchen.

Training: Full-time

Days: Mon-Fri, 5pm to 7pm

Hours: 10 Hours

Duration: 5 days

Course Fee: N75,000

Full payment is required to secure a spot on this course at least a week prior to start of course.

1 month course

Our 1 month course is an intense 4 week training to give you the foundation of culinary arts and pastry and baking. In 4 weeks you have 60 hours of intense theoretical and practical training. Suitable for people who are in the food business and need to know more or people who are about to go in the food business and need all the basic knowledge they can get.

Training: Full-time

Days: Mon, Wed, Fri – 1:00pm-4:00pm

Hours: 60 Hours

Duration: 4 weeks

Course Fee: N365, 000

Planning further into the future? Contact us

You can secure your place on this course with a N36, 500 Nonrefundable deposits, with the remaining balance due 4 weeks prior to start of the course.

9 months professional diploma

Our 9 month diploma program is geared towards training you to be a professional chef and then pour that knowledge into whatever Major you pick. It’s an intense 6 months of hands on theory and Practical’s and the last 3 months will be used for an externship at institutions or organizations that focus on your major.

Duration: 24 Weeks (incl. 2 weeks break)

Days: Monday to Friday

Hours: 20hours/week

Full-time: 8:00am-12:00pm

Blocks: 6xBlocks

Course Fee: N1, 685, 000 (inclusive of Tuition, chef uniforms, knife kit, course books, produce throughout the 6 months on campus)

Planning further into the future? Contact us.

You can secure your place on this course with a N168, 500 Nonrefundable deposit, with the remaining balance due

6 weeks prior to start of the course.